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Is not it difficult to spot the board because of its transparency ?

Absolutely not. Contrary to popular belief, the color of the board does not matter because only accessories are visible once you are in the water, and the same applies for more classic boards.
Are INOBO boards as performant as the others ?
INOBO boards have been dimensioned (digitial simulations and real tests) in bending and torsion with the aim to get the same mechanic characteristics of the boards of the market.
The carbon structure helps to keep the board pop and nervousness and the makrolon deck allows utlra soft landings.
How can I change my deck ?
VIDEO - The deck can be changed easily with some screws. It is fixed with straps, pads, handle and fins. If you prefer to ride without handle, it is of course possible : a new deck is coming...



Is the transperent deck scratched quickly ?


There are obviously micro-scraches that appears on the transparent deck but they are almost imperceptible and invisible in the water.